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About Us  關於我們

Freight Shipping Containers
Cargo Shipping Containers
Cargo Ship at the Port
Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets
Cargo Ship at Sea
A Port Worker
Aerial View of Containers
Loading Cargo
A Crane Lifting a Container

We were founded in 1960 and was focused on warehousing operation for over 60 years.  After decades of operations, our company grows into a logistics provider which provide a wide spectrum of logistics services which can tailored to help you to develop competitive advantages.


Our warehousing facility is a self-owned property with gross floor area over 200,000 square feet.  Our warehouse equipped with 5 cargo lift.  Two cargoes lift with loading of 5,000 kgs are under construction now and expected to operate in mid-2024.

我們是一間歷史悠久, 有超過60年從事倉儲物流服務經驗的公司。憑藉我們豐富的經驗,可根據您的業務特定需求量身打造不同的倉儲物流方案, 協助您取得競爭優勢。

我們的貨倉屬本集團自置物業, 其中倉庫面積達20萬平方呎,設有5部載貨升降機,並正增建兩部載重達5噸的載貨升降機, 預計2024年中完成。

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